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Олимпиада по английскому языку 5 класс 2016 с ответами фгос

Task 1 (For questions 1 — 5).

Which notice (A — H) says this (1 — 5)? For questions 1 — 5, mark the correct letter A – H on your answer sheet.


Students should not use these computers for going online.

Answer: 0 A B C D E F G H

Task 2 (For questions 6 — 10).

Read the sentences about Jane and her hobby. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space. For questions 6 – 10, mark A, B or C on your answer sheet.


Jane often……. to an exercise class on Thursday evenings with her older sister.

A joins B goes C moves

Answer: 0 A B C

6. The exercise a sport club in the same class is at…….as Jane’s school.

A ground B street C path

7. Jane and her sister walk there because it isn’t……from their flat.

A long B far C late

8. Jane and her sister usually sit and chat while they are……for the teacher.

A waiting B staying C stopping

9. Jane……lots of fun in the class and enjoys all the loud music too!

A takes B gets C has

10. Jane feels……tired after the class, but much fitter and healthier too!

A really B early C nearly

Task 3 (For questions 11 — 17).

Read the sentences about Ashley Trent, a teenage actor and then answer the questions. For questions 11 – 17, mark A, B or C on your answer sheet.

Example: 0 – How old was Ashley when he first acted in a play.

A – six, B – eight, C – ten

Answer: 0 A B C

Ashley Trent

Ashley Trent, one of our most popular young actors, is now filming college Rap. He began having acting lessons six years ago and was in his first play at ten years old.

At fourteen, he immediately became well known, not for acting in the theater, but on TV.” That was fun!” he says. “I was in a fast-food advert with a cartoon clown, but filming College Rap is much harder work. I have to play baseball and sing in the film, which is fine, but I need to have dancing lessons too. When we finish filming each day, I don’t go out with friends. I usually sit in the bath for an hour because my legs and arms hurt! But I’m enjoying myself because the three adult actors who are the teachers in College Rap are really good. They’ve filmed all over the world. They’ve taught me to remember my lines more quickly too. I needed half a day to learn five pages before, but now I only need a quarter of an hour.”

Being well known is great but Ashley isn’t interested in buying lots of expensive things or going out. “But I’m asked to do really interesting work now and that’s wonderful,” he says. “I don’t get excited when I watch myself in films. I know I’m getting better, but I still need to improve!”

Well, Ashley, we think you’re brilliant!

11 When Ashley was 14, he acted in a A TV advertisement

B theater play

C cartoon film

12 In his latest film, Ashley has to learn to A sing

B dance

C play baseball

13 What does Ashley often do after filming? A He exercises.

B He meets his friends.

C He has a long bath.

14 Ashley’s having fun at the moment because he A is not at school.

B is travelling a lot.

C is working with great actors

15 To remember five pages of lines, Ashley now needs A 15 minutes.

B one hour.

C half a day.

16 What does Ashley like about being famous? A spending money

B getting interesting work

C being invited to wonderful

parties 17 What does Ashley think when he sees himself in a film?

A He’s not good enough yet!

B This is exciting!

C He looks ill!

Transfer your answer into the answer sheet!


Time: 15 minutes

Task 1 (For questions 18 — 25).

Read the article about kites. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space. For questions 18 – 25, mark A, B or C on your answer sheet.

Example: 0 A – fly B – flies C – flew

Answer: 0 A B C


People first (0) …… kites in China about 2,800 years (18) …… but now we see kites in all parts of the world.

(19) …… is a famous kite competition called the Yokaichi Giant Kite Festival (20) …… May in Japan. Teams from the area (21) …… enormous kites that are usually about 12 metres square! The kites are so big, the teams bring the kites in pieces and then build them (22) …… they are going to fly.

(23) …… enter the competition, kites must show a picture of a plant or an animal and a special message. (24) …… of these amazing kites stay in the air for more than two hours. The winning kite (25) …… to fly well, but also look very beautiful. You can find out more about this festival on the internet.

18 A since B yet C ago

19 A That B It C There

20 A any B each C all

21 A bring B brings C bringing

22 A how B where C what

23 A To B By C For

24 A Some B Another C Much

25 A have B has C having

Task 2 (For questions 26 — 30).

Read the descriptions of some things you eat or drink. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word. For questions 26 – 30, write the words on your answer sheet.

Example: 0 This Italian food usually has cheese and tomatoes on top. P_ _ _ _

Answer: 0 pizza

26 This is white or brown and we use it to make food and drinks taste sweeter. s_ _ _ _

27 People sometimes have this hot drink at the end of a meal. c_ _ _ _ _

28 We make chips from these vegetables. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _

29 You can use any type of fruit to make this drink. j_ _ _ _

30 This is round and is a kind of hot meat sandwich. b_ _ _ _ _

Transfer your answer into the answer sheet!


Time: 15 minutes

Read the email from your English friend, Jo.

Write a message to Jo and answer the questions.

Write 25-35 words.

Write the email on your answer sheet.

Олимпиада по английскому языку

для учащихся 5 – 6 классов

Школьный этап.


































Time: 15 minutes

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