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Олимпиада по английскому языку 6 класс городской этап с ответами

TASK 3 USE OF ENGLISH (30 points)
Time: 20 minutes
1. Fill in the gaps with words approaching on sense. One word is superfluous. In the beginning there is the example (0). (10 points)

printer computer screen website email speakers keyboard mouse
password digital camera MP3 player

0. In different countries the keyboard is in a different language.
1. You click the ______________.
2. My _____________ is dirty, so I can’t read my email.
3. A good _______________ can be expensive, but it’s really good to have the photos on your computer.
4. We’re designing a __________________ for our school, with photos and information.
5. I often do my homework on the _________________.
6. Music sounds great on an ___________________.
7. Oh no! My ________________ isn’t working so I can’t print this letter.
8. I prefer sending an _____________ to writing a letter.
9. You need _______________ if you want to listen to music on your computer.
10. Don’t enter your _______________ when someone is watching.

2. Choose the correct form of plural of a noun. (5 points)
1. Child
a. children b. childs c. childes
2. Foot
a. foots b. feet c. footes
3. Dress
a. dresss b. dresses c. dress
4. Shelf
a. shelfs b. shelvs c. shelves
5. Lady
a. ladys b. ladies c. lady

3. Choose the right variant: (10 points)
a. a b. an c. the d. —
1. She is … doctor. She works in hospital.
2. They are at a café on …High Street.
3. He eats …egg and toast for breakfast.
4. In summer … sky is clear and blue.
5. I want to be … engineer when I leave school.
6. … moon is very bright tonight.
7. My cousin lives in … Odessa.
8. It’s raining. Don’t forget to take … umbrella.
9. I don’t like tea with … milk.
10. His younger sister likes … bananas.
4. Put the verbs “has”, “does”, “is”. (5 points)
1. Mary a clever girl.
2. Jane two sisters.
3. Mr. Brown not read magazines.
4. She got a lot of friends.
5. When your father come home?

TASK 4 WRITING (20 points)
Time: 20 minutes
Write the short story (8-10 sentences) about your house (flat).
TASK 5 SPEAKING (20 points)
Time: 10 – 12 minutes

1. Dialogue (5 points)
Arrange phrases of telephone conversation in a correct order.
 Yes, he has.
 Hi. It’s Jane here. Can I speak to Mark, please?
 OK. Bye then.
 Sure. Has he got your number?
 Yes, please – can you ask him to ring me?
 Thanks. Bye.
 No, I’m sorry – he isn’t in. Can I take a message?

2.Monologue (15 points)
Speak on studies at school.

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