Диагностическая работа по английскому языку 8 класс ФГОС

1. Обведите кружком букву, соответствующую правильному варианту ответа:

А:What is the weather like in St. Petersburg now?

B: ___________cloudy and sunny, the temperature is + 7 degrees C.

a: there is

b: there was

c: it is

d: this was

2.1. В каком времени употребляется глагол в предложении? Соотнеси написанное в столбцах 1 и 2. Запиши в таблицу цифры, соответствующие предложениям. В столбце 2 есть одно лишнее утверждение, которое не нужно использовать.

A few centuries ago people didn’t travel in space.
It’s raining heavily now.
Tomorrow at this time they’ll be broadcasting this programme again.
He had finished his essay by 7 p. m. yesterday.
Nobody will read this book.
She was cleaning the park with other volunteers all day long.
Tornadoes usually occur in the spring.

1. Past Perfect
2. Present Simple
3. Past Simple
4. Future Continuous
5. Future Simple
6. Present Continuous
7. Past Continuous
8. Present Perfect









2.2. Заполните пропуски, поставив глаголы в правильной форме, используя Present, Past , Future Simple:

Many years ago different natural disasters 1)___________(happen) on our planet. People 2)_______(suffer) from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts and volcano eruptions which 3)_______(destroy) cities, 4)_________(carry) away houses and even farm animals. People 5)_________(lose) their homes. Many of them 6)_______(die) during terrible earthquakes and hurricanes.

Nowadays scientists 7 )_______(try) to predict these catastrophes. Emergency workers together with the police and the army 8) ________(help) people in difficult situations.

Hopefully in the future researchers 9)_______(learn) more about nature and 10)________(invent) new machines and devices which 11)__________(help) to predict all possible dangers. People 12)_______(have) a better chance to protect themselves.

3. Выбери и обведи ответ “да”, если ты согласен с утверждением, и ответ “нет”, если ты не согласен с утверждением:

Определенный артикль “the” употребляется:



С названиями сторон света



С именами и фамилиями



С названиями океанов, морей, рек, каналов



С существительными, являющимися единственными в своем роде



С названиями городов, улиц, площадей



С названиями стран, содержащих слова federation, republic, union, states, emirates, kingdom



С названиями единичных островов и горных вершин



Перед существительными с прилагательными в превосходной степени



С названиями горных цепей, групп островов, пустынь

4. Заполните пропуски, поставив предлоги since/for:

1. I haven’t seen him ______ Monday.

2._______centuries people have been living here.

3. Are you planning to stay here______ a week?

4. Wait ______10 minutes, I’ll be back.

5. People have been throwing away so much litter ______ the last 20-30 years.

6. She’s been bullied ______she came to this school.

5. Впиши в пропуски артикли a/an/the, где необходимо:

1.____Milky Way is ___ Galaxy we live in.

2. Travelling in ___space has been a dream of many generations of people.

3._____ sea was not warm enough for swimming so we went to ____nearest cafe for some tea.

4. _____UK, _____Canada, _____ USA, ______ Bahamas, ____ Australia, ______ New Zealand and ____ Barbados are just some of the English-speaking countries.

5. ____Earth moves round ___ Sun with ____ speed of 30 m/s.

6.____Irtysh is one of ___ longest rivers in Siberia.

7. In Moscow region there is a nice place for fishing -____lake Senezh.

6. Впишите в пропуски слова, образованные от данных в скобках:

1. Air, water pollution and huge landfill sites are the most important ___________(environment) problems.

2. Droughts have turned this oasis into a ________ (fruit) desert.

3. Thanks to modern technologies hurricanes can’t do much ______ (damage) to these buildings.

4. Alarming ______ (predict) of this famous scientist made everyone shiver.

5. In the USA tornadoes are the most widespread ______ (nature) disasters.

6. The more trees we cut down, the more animals and birds stay ______ (home).

7. _______ (ecology) education should become a part of a school programme.

7. Закончите предложения, поставив глаголы в скобках в правильной форме. Используйте условные предложения II,III и смешанного типа:

1. If I _____ (be) bullied, I would tell my parents about it.

2. I _____ (give) you this book yesterday if I had finished my literature essay.

3. If you ____ (be) braver, you could become a war correspondent.

4. If she ______ (phone) me yesterday, I would meet her at the airport this morning.

5. If people______ (not invent) books, a lot of knowledge from the past would have disappeared.

6. If people ______ (can) predict natural disasters, there wouldn’t be so many victims.

7. The Dead Sea _____ (not dry out) if people hadn’t used the water for getting necessary minerals.

8. If you ______ (follow) the school rules, you wouldn’t have been expelled.

9. Выбери во втором столбике формы, подходящие по смыслу и грамматически в предложения в первом столбике. Впиши в пропуски соответствующие буквы. Во втором столбике есть один лишний вариант, который не нужно использовать:

1. She ____ like apples, now she prefers bananas.

2. I _____ going to bed late as I watch my favourite soap opera on TV.

3. Teenagers want to be independent and some parents can’t _____ it.

4. 50 years ago people _____ have on-line mass media.

5. Nowadays teenagers _______ PCs and laptops for communication.

get used to

used to


am used to

didn’t use to

don’t use to

10. Определите, какие из данных существительных являются исчисляемыми (отметьте их в таблице знаком +), а какие – неисчисляемыми (отметьте их знаком -):


















11. Подберите в пропуски подходящие по смыслу слова из второй колонки. Впишите в пропуски буквы, соответствующие выбранным словам. Некоторые слова можно использовать более одного раза:

1._____ he says, don’t believe him.

2._____ hard I try, I can’t forget about it.

3. “You’ll always remember this place _____ you go”, she said.

4. ______ the bully is, he should be punished.

5._______ she is asked for help, she’s always busy.

6._______ late you come, do phone me!

7. ______ you do, a true friend will support you.

a. whatever

b. wherever

c. whenever

d. whoever

e. however

12. Передайте информацию в косвенной речи в прошедшем времени, обращая внимание на времена, обстоятельства места и времени:

1. She protested: “Bullying must be punished.”

2.”So much litter has been thrown away on the beach these days”, said the volunteer.

3. The policeman was asked:”How many people have suffered in the accident?”

4.”E-books will not replace paper ones”, said the librarian.

5.”Have you chosen which programme to watch?” I asked her.

1. She said________________________________

2.The volunteer said ________________________

3.The policeman was asked___________________

4. The librarian said______________________________________

5. I asked__________________________________

13. Закончите предложения, поставив глаголы в скобках в правильной форме:

When I was a little boy my parents always 1) _____ (make, I) read a lot of books. Moreover, they 2) ____ (ask, I) retell the information I had read trying to enlarge my vocabulary. The 3) _______ (not let, I) go out until I’d finished my reading. None of my friends’ parents 4) __________ (tell, they) do the same, so I started hating books.

Surprisingly I do the same now with my children. I 5) __________ (want, they) broaden their mind and become well-educated people. However I 6) _____________ (not tell, they) which books to read, I’m just trying to give them the right direction otherwise they’ll hate reading. This is definitely not what I want to get as a result.

14. Образуйте выражения, используя глаголы do/make.Впишите их в пропуски:

1. __________________fun of someone

2. __________________friends


4.___________________ money

5. ___________________your best

6. ___________________the shopping

7. ___________________the washing

8. ___________________ an exercise

9.___________________one’s bed

10.__________________ a mistake

11.__________________tea, coffee

12. _________________ a phone call

13. _________________ the housework

14. _________________nothing

15.__________________ plans

15. Заполните пропуски, используя относительные местоимения who(whom)/that/which:

1. Is he the photographer _________________ took these dramatic pictures?

2. In our school library one can find any books______________are popular today: fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction.

3. This is the CD book ______________ my father gave me as a birthday present.

4. Bullying is a kind of behavior ____________________ shouldn’t be tolerated.

5. James Cameron is the film director ___________________I’d like to meet some day.

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