Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс 2 четверть ФГОС

I. Choose the right variant:

1. My parents _____ the noisy city. They want to go to the country next week.

A are full of B are tired of C are responsible for D are sure of

2. Will you ____ our society of young scientists?

A enjoy B join C go D come

3. Have you bought Christmas presents for all your ____?

A relations B situations C relatives D nicknames

4. The weather was fine and we spent the whole day in the _____ air.

A fine B open C close D healthy

5. Have you ever heard of the London Zoological ____?

A society B house C wild animal park D insect

6. Have you ever been to Ostankinskaya Tower? Let’s go there. It’s ______ visiting.

A nice B well C well-known D worth

7. What ___ of people are they?

A king B character C lot D kind

8. Let’s have breakfast. I’ve already ___ the table.

A cleared B put C taken out D set

9. I am fond of music and I always watch ______ programmes.

A political B music C musical D social

10. My aunt is going to cook a giant ____.

A pepper B pie C picnic D party

11. In London most museums are _____.

A new B local C free D friendly

12. Look at the dirty shirt! He has just ____ with Sam.

A played the piano B had a fight C joined D watched

13. “Andrew, ___ rubbish, please,” his mother said.

A get rid of B take out C bring D wash up

14. This place _____ for its old church.

A is responsible B is made C is founded D is famous

15. The two sisters had a lot in ________.

A common B characteristic C alike D programme

16. The writer was born in the 19th ______.

A century B year C calendar D age

17.Are these beautiful flowers ___?

A domestic B enjoyable C fresh D natural

18. His ____ brother joined us an hour later.

A elder B older C bigger D greater

19. Read the cinema _____ and find out what kind of film it is.

A show B advert C programme D signal

20.The scientist couldn’t ____ his works for a long time.

A put B spend C learn D publish

II. Choose the right variant:

1. L. Carroll is ___ famous English writer, isn’t she?

A a B the C —

2. He has already ___ his puppy for a walk.

A took B taken C will take

3. Her elder sister ____ a great party recently.

A is arranging B arranged C has arranged D arranges

4. I _____ this science fiction story recently.

A read B have read C will read

5. My brother has just ___ his best friend at the zoo.

A meet B met C will meet

6. London is the capital of ___ United Kingdom.

A a B the C —

7. The scientist has never ___ the little rhino.

A watched B watching C watch

8. His little sister usually ___ care of their pets.

A is taking B took C has taken D takes

9. Tomorrow they _____ yellow and red leaves in the autumn forest.

A collect B will collect C collected

10. Every year he ______ special presents for his nephews.

A buys B bought C has bought

11. We went to the cinema yesterday. ____ film was dull.

A a B the C —

12. Have you ever ___ to Westminster Abbey?

A were B be C been

13. Yesterday we ___ out and had a nice time at the disco.

A are going B went C go D has gone

14. Look! The children ______ tennis outside.

A play B played C are playing

15. We ___ ___ to give up this job.

A has gone B are going C will go

16. My cousin is ___ best pupil in the school.

A a B the C —

17. The old man has already ___ with his cat.

A play B played C playing

18. My nephew is tired. He ___ just __ out rubbish.

A ha gone B has taken C will take

19. She ____ not decorate her room yesterday.

A does B will C did

20. Would you like ___ cup of tea?

A a B the C —

III. Read the text and do the tasks that follow:

In England people do a lot of strange things. Everything is not like (4) in Europe. For example, the English are fond of talking about weather. They usually start every conversation (1) with a little remark about it. If you don’t say anything about weather, they will think you are terribly boring. The Europeans usually talk about the weather when they don’t have anything else to discuss. The English sense of humour is very special. You can offend people on the continent (2) if you make jokes about their clothes, their jobs, their lifestyle. But the English do it (3) every now and then and find nothing bad in it. English people are also very sarcastic so you must be ready to be laughed at. The English are proud of their difference from Europe and indeed (5) they are different in many ways.

1. Choose the best title for the text.

English humour
England and Europe
English ways
The English are proud

2. According to the text, the Europeans

are terribly boring
seldom talk about the weather
usually don’t have anything to discuss
are not easily offended

3. According to the text, the English

are very sarcastic
talk about the weather all the time
hate when people laugh at them
are mostly former Europeans

4. «conversation» (point 1) means


5. «continent» (point 2) means

South America

6. «it» (point 3) stands for

telling jokes
offending people

7. «like» (point 4) is

a noun
a preposition
a verb
a conjunction

8. «indeed» (point 5) means

of course

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