Контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс за I полугодие ФГОС

Put the or – (no article).(Вствь the или нулевой артикль(-).

The largest continent in the world is _______ Asia.
The longest river in the world is ________ Nile.
Do you know about _________ British Museum?
_______ Trafalgar Square is in _______ London.

Choose the correct variant. (Выбери верный вариант).

This room is darker / more dark than that one.
He saw the popularest / the most popular film of the year.
Is that your / yours pen?
That pen is my / mine.

Fill in the gaps with as…as, not as…as.(Раскрой скобки)

The film was __________ good ________ the book. I don`t recommend it.
I`m afraid I can`t help you. My bag is ________ heavy ________ yours.

Complete the sentences with the verbs in Past Progressive. (Раскрой скобки).

My sister ___________________ in the park at 10 a.m. (go for a walk)
We _____________________ with each other yesterday. (not talk)
What _________ you __________ at seven o`clock? (do)

Put the verbs in the brackets in Past Simple or Present Perfect.(Раскрой скобки).

I __________ already ____________ this book. (read)
My friends ______________ in London last year. (be)
She ______________________ her hair yet. (not wash)

Put the verbs in brackets in the right form. (Past Perfect, Past Simple. (Раскрой скобки).

He _________________ (learn) English before he __________ (go) to London.
________ she __________ (write) a letter before her mother ____________ (visit) her?
Misha ________________ (not have) any friends before he _________ (arrive) to England.

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