Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс 1 четверть ФГОС

Task1.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1. ”What you (do)?”- I(read). I(read) for already two hours. I already (read) 100 pages.

2. ”You ever(be) to the new stadium?”- “Yes, I(be) there last Saturday.”

3. If he (ring) me up tomorrow, I (tell) him all about it.

4. At last the reply from my grandmother came, and my mother (tell) me she (come) soon.

5. He (help) his mother every day?- Yes, he … .

Task 2.Choose the correct modal verb.

1. … you help me with this task? A) could B) must C) may

2. I’m sorry I’m late. … I come in? A) must B) should C) may

3. It’s raining. You … take an umbrella. A) can’t B) don’t have to C) should

4. I’m afraid I … come to the party on Monday. A) can B) can’t C) may

5. “ … I smoke here?”- “ No, you mustn’t.” A) must B) may C) should

Task 3.Read the text and put the words in the correct form.

The United States has strong political and military ties to governments in all areas of the world. America’s alliances _______(1) by its formidable military and nuclear forces. Over 2 million_______(2) are members of the armed forces. About one _______(3) of the United States military personnel serve overseas. Most of its overseas forces_______(4) in Western Europe under provisions of the NATO. This military alliance _______(5) the defense of member nations. Since 1949, when the alliance _______(6), the United States _______(7) as Western Europe’s military leader.

America’s political and military strength ________(8) by its powerful economy. Although it is neither the world’s _______(9) nor_______(10) nation, its economic output is twice Russia’s, three times Japan’s, and six times Germany’s.

back 6. create
man 7. act
four 8. generate
concentrate 9. large
guarantee 10. populous

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