Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку 9 класс ФГОС

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 9 классе

УМК И.В. Ларионова «Английский язык»

Unit 1 Fashion Victims

Complete the sentences with the correct present form of these verbs

(wear, leave, go, make, spend, become)

A: Why ___ you___ a jacket and a tie?

B: You ___ (not usually) such smart clothes.

My sister ___ a lot of money on dresses.
How often ___your mum __ shopping?
The casual style__ more and more popular.
I (never) ___home without make-up.
Many designers__ a black-and-white collection of dresses this autumn.

Choose the correct alternative.

Can we stop at the bank? I need/ am needing some money.
Can you answer my question? Do you know/ are you knowing the answer?
He didn’t have any money when he was small but now he owns/ is owning three mansions!
What’s the problem now? You don’t seem/ aren’t seeming happy.
I loved drinking milk when I was a kid but now I prefer/ am preferring juice or cake.
Why do you look/ are you looking out of the window?
I don’t know who this dog belongs/is belonging to.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of relative pronouns

Coco Chanel is an icon designer ___is famous for her little black dress.

They visit an organic village ___ farmers don’t employ young children.

The clothes___ Barbie girls often wear are shiny and glamorous.

There are a lot of high — street shops ___ sale very expensive clothes.

In China men had long hair ___ they wore in one long plait or pigtail down their back.

That’s the model ____ I saw last week at the fashion show.

Mary Quant___ invented a miniskirt in the sixties.

Find and correct the mistakes in these sentences. One sentence has no mistake

Kate wear a tartan shirt today.
My parents wear a school uniform at their office.
This fashionable shop is closing at 11 a.m.
She spends a lot of money usually on dresses.
We are needing to buy comfortable trainers.
My dad hardly ever is wearing jeans.
Our friend wears a tie-dyed T-shirt today.

Translate from Russian into English

Моя сестра и я любим носить серьги. У нас большая коллекция.
Энн очень часто ходит по магазинам – к каждому платью у нее есть сумочка.
Твоя челка очень длинная — тебе нужно купить повязку или изменить прическу.
На подиуме много моделей с пирсингом.
Для такого макияжа я советую тебе выбрать другой лак для ногтей.

Read the text and choose the correct alternatives.

Temperatures around the world are rising. This is called global warming. Many scientists believe that the cause of global warming is the amount of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are produced when cars burn fuel, when power stations burn coal to make electricity and when people burn forests like the Amazon rainforest to make fields for agriculture.

Greenhouse gases keep the heat from the sun inside the Earth’s atmosphere and make the Earth hotter. As the atmosphere gets warmer, the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is slowly beginning to melt. The water from this melting ice goes back into the oceans and this causes sea levels to rise. Some scientists believe that sea levels will rise by almost two meters in the next 30 years if global warming continues.

We can all help the environment by doing small things to save energy. We can walk or cycle short journeys instead of going by car and we can take this bus or train for longer journeys. We can switch off electrical equipment at night and we can insulate our homes to save energy.

Governments can also do things to help the planet. They can limit the amount of air travel and the numbers of cars and lorries on the roads. They can make it cheaper to travel by public transport and more expensive to use private cars.

What cause global warming? – greenhouse gases/ melting ice
What produces greenhouse gases? – heat from the sun/ people burning fuel
What is happening to the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic? – it is slowly beginning to melt/ it is rising by almost two meters
How can we help the environment? – by saving energy and using public transport/ by using our cars instead of walking or taking the bus
How ac governments help the planet? – by increasing the number of lorries on the roads/ by making it cheaper to travel by public transport

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